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Warning: These pages are intended to assist service engineers ONLY. Attempting to repair your own equipment without correct safety procedure knowledge is highly dangerous (& possibly lethal!!).

This site is intended for use by qualified service engineers only. By using this site you are deemed to have agreed to the following conditions.

(1) Although every effort has been made to ensure the information contained within this site is correct, E.C.S (Technical Publishing) it's employees & distributors will not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any losses including (but not limited to) machine failure, damage to property or injuries sustained to any persons or third parties as a direct or indirect use of this site. The pages on this site are supplied on an "as is" basis, No warranty is either expressed or implied.

(2) All submissions sent to this site are received in good faith, We reserve the right to place submitted adverts or other material on the site entirely at our discretion. All tips submitted to this site are deemed to have been received with full reproduction rights. We will NOT publish any material which is deemed by us to be unsuitable or unacceptable for this site.

(3) Third parties placing adverts on this site do so at their own risk, We do not endorse any 3rd party adverts whether it be items for sale or otherwise, Any items ordered from 3rd parties as a result of information seen on this site is entirely at the purchasers own risk, We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for 3rd parties or their agents.

(4) The Service Engineers Forum may contain links to other web sites that are not controlled by us. The Service Engineers Forum is not responsible for the privacy policies or content of any sites we may link to.

(5) Personal details sent by you to the Service Engineers Forum are covered by our privacy policy. We take privacy issues very seriously and have set out our usage policy for any information we may collect. Full details of our privacy policy are available Here

(6) The copyright in all web pages on the Service Engineers Forum including (but not limited to) it's Layouts, Data, Data Structures, Images, Drawings, Logos & Meta Tags (except where specifically otherwise stated) belong in full to E.C.S (Technical Publishing).

No part of the Service Engineers Forum may be reproduced, altered, reverse engineered, used in full or part on other sites, redistributed on any other mediums or otherwise modified in any way unless expressly permitted by written agreement with E.C.S (Technical Publishing).

Infringement of our copyright terms will render the user liable to prosecution as stated under the terms of international copyright law including (but not limited to) instigation of legal proceedings against individuals, companies or their agents (including 3rd parties who provide Internet services permitting such breaches) to claim damages (both actual and punitive) and all associated costs involved in protecting copyrighted material on the Service Engineers Forum.

Acceptable Site Usage Policy

The Forum welcomes sensible usage of it's pages, this includes all standard browsing software (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera etc etc) however we do not welcome Web Copying / Site Stripping or Hacking software or any variation of this type of software (excepting legitimate search engine robots). This type of usage is detrimental to all legitimate users of the Forum as access attempts of this nature consume lots of bandwidth (which costs money !) and slows the site access (or makes it unavailable) for others.

We are therefore introducing a charge for use of this type of software on the Forum, The charge is as follows:

Daily charge for accessing the Forum using Web Copying / Site Stripping or Hacking software: 20,000 per day (approx 30,000 Euros) plus any legal charges incurred in making the collection of your debt.

By using Web Copying / Site Stripping / Hacking software on the Forum you will be deemed to have agreed to accept this charge. Your IP address will be reversed DNS tracked and an invoice will be issued directly to you. If you are using Dynamic IP allocation via your ISP (for example dial up connections) the invoice will be forwarded to your host with all the relevant billing details to enable collection from you directly. Payment will be expected within 30 days of your access.

If you are a legitimate visitor please enjoy the free access to the Forum and do not be concerned with the above charge, it does not apply to the 99.999% of visitors to the Forum who we are sure will understand and sympathise that this selfish behaviour by a few rouge users is unacceptable and ruins enjoyment of the Forum for everyone !!

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