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Sony VCRs get smart

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User convenience a major focus of 2000 VCR line-up

The latest developments in Sony's Smart Engine video cassette recorder (VCR) range are aimed at increasing user convenience, simplifying programming operations and enhancing tape library management. Significant technological advances are to be found in the high-end HiFi SLV-SF 90/99 VCRs, the SF-F1 SmartFile Finder and the SLV-SE800 VCR.

First launched in 1997, the Sony Smart Engine VCR family represents "best in class" recorders with respect to ease of use, picture quality and durability. Sony's latest additions add another layer of functionality and new quick mechanism reliability to this high standard and focus on specific operational requirements. The new recorders have been re-designed and represent the latest in new millennium home ergonomics. The low-profile design and new colour variations of the SLV-SF90 / 99 are specifically designed to harmonise with the stylish Sony Flat Trinitron Wega televisions.

The SLV-SF90 / 99 are positioned as top-end HiFi VCRs and utilise Sony's advanced SmartFile tape management system to assist users with large video tape libraries to scan and retrieve specific programmes quickly and easily. SmartFile technology enables users to electronically organise their videocassette libraries using SmartFile labels attached to each cassette. On an IC memory chip, embedded within the label, information regarding the programmes, recording times and even remaining blank time on the tape is stored. By passing the sticker in front of a SmartFile sensor, located on the recorder's front panel, this information is instantaneously displayed on the TV screen. With this innovative system, users can check the contents of an unlimited number of tapes without inserting them in the player.

A SmartFile Generator enables your archived tapes to become SmartFile Tapes. By pushing the SmartFile Generator button on the VCR, the inserted tape is scanned and the information relating to previously recorded programmes is stored on a SmartFile label that is attached to the old tape.

SF-F1 SmartFile Finder

True home AV enthusiasts can build video tape libraries comprising of hundreds of tapes. In this environment, a device that simplifies the cataloguing and retrieval of specific recordings is invaluable. In response to this need, Sony has developed its SmartFile technology even further.

Unique in the consumer electronics market, Sony has introduced a hand-held scanner that can read the SmartFile information in exactly the same way as the SmartFile VCR does. Instead of displaying the contents on the TV screen, the information is displayed on the SmartFile Finder's integral back-lit LCD panel.

Used in the same way as the VCR-mounted sensor, the SF-F1 can check tape contents. There is no limit to the number of tapes the Finder can examine and it operates stand-alone from the VCR doing away with the need to bring the tape to the VCR. The SmartFile Finder offers users a handy edit function, allowing the manual change of programme titles and categories that are automatically stored by the VCR.

If users want to search for a favourite programme amongst a number of SmartFile tapes, the SmartFile Finder can be loaded with the relevant code and it emits a sound signal when the desired tape id is found.

Smart Dial Timer makes VCR programming child's play

One of the most demanding functions of VCR operation is the programmer setting for delayed recording. The new SLV-SE800, a fully featured HiFi VCR, provides the ultimate solution to this challenge of man against machine.

An ingenious feature of the SLV-SE800 is a Smart Dial Timer button, located of the VCR's front panel, which allows users to programme their recorders in 10 seconds, or less. All that is required to programme the VCR is one push of the Smart Dial Timer button and the VCR display shows the selected date, time and channel. Each of these factors can be changed by turning the timer button one way or the other and, once completed, a final push of the button sets the VCR. All this without having to switch on the TV.

The SLV-SE800 is the flagship model in a new Sony range including nine models that meet all user requirements from high-end to the most basic entry-level two head, mono Smart Engine VCR.

SLV-E800 - technical specification

Colour (Black / Silver) */*
Dial Timer on Unit *
Flash Rewind Mechanism *
Smart Search *
Reality Regenerator *
Super Trilogic *
ShowView *
Easy Timer Setting *
Auto Long Play *
Intelligent Auto Set Up *
SmartLink *
Audio Dub *
Line 2 Out *
Front Line In *
STB/SAT Synchro REC *
Line Through *
2nd SCART (C+/LINE) *
Colour OSD *
Multi Language OSD *

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