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Thomson multimedia chosen by BSKYB and TiVo to launch the UK's 1st personal video recorder

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TiVo & Sky to Deliver Premier Personal TV Service that will Revolutionise the way Britons watch and use TV

THOMSON multimedia (NYSE : TMS), a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics products and TiVo Inc.,(NASDAQ: TIVO) the creator of personal television, announced today that the companies have signed an agreement by which THOMSON multimedia has been chosen by TiVo to manufacture standalone TiVo personal video recorders for the UK market. The TiVo Service delivered in conjunction with British Sky Broadcasting (LSE: BSY, NYSE: BSY) will be introduced this autumn on the personal video recorders carrying the TiVo and THOMSON Scenium brands.

State-of-the-art personal video recorders similar in size and shape to VCRs and digital set-top boxes, will deliver the TiVo Service which will be developed and distributed jointly by TiVo and Sky in the UK. The service will allow TV viewers to easily record television programmes without videotape, allowing them to watch what they want, when they want to watch it. The product will be available at retail outlets and can be connected to any TV regardless of the programming source, whether cable, Sky digital or normal antenna.

"We are delighted to be the first to introduce the TiVo Service in the UK," said THOMSON multimedia's Marc Valentin, Vice President, Digital Broadcast & Network Solutions. "We have been consistently promoting the development and marketing of new features associated to the use of digital technologies, and we feel that TiVo is one of the most exciting digital innovations to be made available to the TV viewers. Our strong image in the British market as an innovative brand, and the partnership with BSkyB, the digital TV leader in the UK, will be major assets in gaining acceptance for this new technology."

TiVo and Sky will work together to deliver the service which will allow viewers to shift the schedules for their favourite television shows and create a customised television line-up for viewing at anytime. The TiVo Service was designed to make it easy for consumers to find and record the programs they want, with new service capabilities and enhancements delivered to recorders automatically.

Key benefits of the service also include the ability to select a Season Pass?, ensuring consumers never miss an episode of their favorite shows again, because they will be routinely recorded every time they're on. They will also be able to pause, rewind, instantly replay and play back in slow motion any live television broadcast or recorded programme.

A unique attribute of the Service is its ability to recommend shows that match viewers' interests through TiVo's Suggestions™; viewers can teach the device what shows they like and dislike. Using these preferences, it will automatically record programmes the viewer may want to see, in effect making peaktime television available anytime – day or night, for the convenience of the viewer.

TiVo president and CEO, Mike Ramsay commented: "Delivering better TV is our mission at TiVo, and we're pleased that by working with industry leaders Sky and THOMSON multimedia we will deliver a far richer, more entertaining TV experience to UK viewers. The TiVo Service in conjunction with Sky's programming offers the UK a revolutionary new way to enjoy TV, we are proud to have the THOMSON brand associated with our product."

Sky's Chief Executive Tony Ball said: "This new product underlines Sky's determination to remain at the forefront of the broadcasting revolution. The new personal television service from Sky and TiVo will dramatically enhance the TV viewing experience for all consumers in the UK. We are especially delighted to welcome THOMSON multimedia as manufacturer of this product."

About THOMSON multimedia

With sales of 6.7 billion Euros (U.S. $6.5 billion) in 1999 and 55,000 employees in more than 30 countries, THOMSON multimedia is the world's fourth largest producer of consumer electronics. The Group has four principal activities: Displays and Components, Consumer Products, New Media Services, and Patents and Licensing. THOMSON multimedia engineers, manufactures, and markets display components and consumer products such as televisions, VCRs, audio systems, digital decoders, DVD players and professional video equipment under the popular THOMSON and RCA brand names. (Paris Sicovam: 18453) (NYSE: TMS). For more information:

About TiVo

TiVo (Nasdaq: TIVO) is the creator of the personal television service. Founded in 1997 with the mission to dramatically improve consumers' television viewing experiences, TiVo developed a technology that serves as a platform for delivering a variety of home entertainment services. TiVo's Personal TV Service simplifies the way we watch and enjoy television by digitally recording television shows, without videotape, so you can watch what you want, when you want to watch it. TiVo was the first to deliver on the promise of consumer choice and control over TV viewing, building a loyal and passionate subscriber. TiVo's leadership is grounded in its ability to forge critical partnerships, working together with the giants of the media, technology, consumer electronics, and television industries. Industry support of TiVo is reflected in its partner roster that includes, AOL, Blockbuster, BSkyB, DIRECTV, Philips, SONY, and the leading cable and network television companies.

About BskyB

British Sky Broadcasting is the UK's broadband entertainment leader, distributing sports, movies, entertainment and news to 8.6 million households throughout the UK and Eire. The launch of the UK's first digital television service, Sky digital, on 1 October 1998, signalled the start of a new era in British broadcasting. It was also the fastest, most successful digital roll-out in Europe, attracting 3.4 million customers to date. Sky can be reached on the web at

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