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Forum Tops 1,000,000 visitors for 2002

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Consumer Goods & Servicing Magazine - 11th Feb 2003

The Service Engineers Forum has recently announced huge growth in visitor numbers, site manager Mike Lyons commented "2002 has been a fast moving year for us at the Forum, predicted visitor growth in 2002 has been exceeded and continues expanding upwards in 2003" he went on to comment "We are currently setting our targets for over 2 Million visitors in 2003, we have regular positive feedback from Engineers and this enables us to gauge their needs and continuously add further valuable targeted content to the 3,500 pages currently available online"

When asked about future plans for the forum Mr Lyons commented "We have been very pleased with the recent additions to the forum especially the Engineering Employment section which has already proved itself a great success, further sections are now under development and will soon be available to our visitors"

The Forums content is currently available free of charge to Engineers and when questioned if this will continue in the future he added "We have no plans to charge visitors for the Forums content in the immediate future, our belief is that by operating on a "not for profit" basis and offering unrestricted access to the Engineering community the Forum will continue to be beneficial to our Industry, instead we will be seeking strategic partnerships within the industry during 2003 to help sponsor the Forums growth".

Consumer Goods & Servicing Magazine is published by 3C.

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