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Grove Farm Publications

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Service Manuals Written by Steve Beeching I.Eng. M.R.T.S.

Service Manual TV1 (14.99)
This covers the Grundig TV chassis that was originaly made by Gooding Electronics in a factory in France. Grundig models covered by this manual are: GT1401/2, GT2001/3, GT2101/3/5. Minerva MT1401 & MT2103. Matsui 14R1, 14T1, 20R1, 20T1, 21T1 & 21N1. Also some Alba / Bush / Hinari / Goodmans and Murphy models had this chassis.. 1431, 1432, 1472 & 2168.

Service Manual TV2 (18.99)
This service manual covers a chassis manufactured by ONWA in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK during 1996/7. Many brands took production off of ONWA both in the UK and other Far East factories. The chassis can be identified mainly by the colour processing IC301 as an AN5601K. Note: Some models listed below and without a scart connector may have a different version of the chassis. A supplement is in preparation.
Models covered: JVC C14E1EK, C14ET1EK, C-S21M3EK, C-21ET1EK. Akai CT1471. Matsui 1498, 2086, 2098. Goodmans 1430R/W, 1450T, 2019R, 2029T. Alba/Bush 1402/7, 1418/19, 1427T, 1452T, 1455T, 1456T, 1458T, 1459T, 2002/4, 2102, 2009B, 2052, 2152T.

Satellite Manual SAT1 (12.99) This covers three chassis manufactured by Grundig in the UK during 1995-97 designated E1, E2, & Omnichassis. Models covered are Grundig GRD150/250 (E1), GRD200/280/300 (E2). Grundig GRD100 (omni), Matsui RD600 (omni). JVC TU-C200 (E2). Philips STU3301, STU3501 and STU3601 (E2).

Postage and packing 1.00

The above books are available directly from the publisher.

Grove Farm Publications.
Grove Farm, Long Lane,
Barnby In The Willows,
Newark, Notts NG24 2SG

Tel 01636 626895. Fax 01636 626767.

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